Poster Guidelines

  • The maximum dimensions for posters are:

    Width: 150 cm (1500 mm)
    Depth: 180 cm (1800 mm)

    If you are producing your poster to a specific paper size:
    A1 size will fit in both landscape and portrait formats.
    A0 will fit but ONLY in portrait.
  • Please adhere to these size restrictions as this allows for the maximum number of posters, as well as continuous display throughout the conference.
  • Poster numbers will be posted on each board (you will be sent an email nearer the time with your poster number on it).
  • At registration, you will be provided with instructions on your poster location, as well as a number. The number will be on the poster board assigned to your poster. Posters should be mounted on the assigned board.
  • Posters may be put up from 08.00 on Monday 5th September and MUST be removed by 13.30 on Friday 9th September. Any posters left behind will be thrown away.
  • We recommend that you prepare the following labels for the top of your poster space. These should have bold lettering which is visible and 1” high (minimum) indicating:

    1. The title of your paper
    2. The author(s)

  • Please do not mount illustrations on heavy board because this will make it difficult to keep in position on the poster board. The poster boards are covered in a polyweave fabric designed to hold Velcro hooks. Blu-tack must NOT be used.
    • Your illustration may be viewed at distances as far as 3 feet or more. We recommend that lettering should be at least 3/8 inches high, preferably in a typed and easy to read bold font.
    • You should have received an email indicating which day your poster will be viewed. We ask that you are available to stand with your poster(s) during the viewing times to answer any questions. If you have not received an email, please contact

Manchester, UK


Manchester, UK